Hand Drawn prints

After creating a collection of hand drawn prints we are are delighted to present a limited edition collection of timeless Kimonos with our signature vibrant prints.

  • Slow Fashion

    Every print has been carefully curated and hand drawn by Rocío. This process takes several weeks, developing the print with the right team takes months.

    Our Kimonos have been hand cut by Indian masters and tailored and stitched by very talented tailors, always always always at their own path and timings

  • What really matters

    Besides the quality of the product we create we ensure that there is quality in the lives of the people who create them. As a small business, having strong ethics behind our brand is an absolute priority, we work exclusively with our manufacturers who follow the highest standars of ethical, enviromental and safety practices.

  • Functionality

    You can wear our Kimonos directly in touch with your bare skin or open over your favourite outfits: that petite black dress, jeans and a white t-shirt, a total monochrome look with your bright kimono as an accent, the possibilities to style our kimono are endless.